Prices for Every Pocket

We understand how difficult it can be to find quality education for your children. That's why we have numerous options for you to choose from. Need to drop in for only a few hours? We offer that. Do you need care 3 days out of the week. We offer that too. Looking for a place to call home everyday of the week? We've got you covered. See what we have to offer today!

At Olive Tree Academy, we recognize that scheduling demands may differ by family—or day by day. That’s why we offer Flex Care: Purchase child care days ahead of time, then use them as needed.

It’s flexible, reliable, and simple. Flex Care is perfect for families who:

  • Need care during holidays or school breaks
  • Have part-time jobs
  • Work an irregular schedule
  • Stay home, but could use the occasional “day off”


Prepaid Flex Care cards are sold in five-day increments, are good for a full year, and you can purchase as many cards as you like. Once you’ve completed your enrollment paperwork, we just need 48 hours’ notice to reserve a spot for your child. Check our calendar of availability and drop in. It's that easy.

Flex Care cards can be used for individual days, or all at one time! You choose. They are good all year long, and can be applied toward our enrichment programs and parent's night out.

We also offer special discount pricing when you enroll one or more siblings during the traditional 5 days a week. The more days you enroll, the more you save.

We partner with other community organizations that promote supplementary enrichment activities for an additional cost. We do this because every child doesn't learn the same and this is a place to grow. Schedule a tour today!

5days / WEEK

Traditional Option

Full-time & Part-time options

Healthy Food

Sibling discounts

Parents Night Out discounts 

Any# / WEEK

Flex Care Option

Full-time & Part-time options

Healthy Food

Sibling discounts

Parents Night Out discounts 

4x / MONTH

Enrichment Activities

Develop confidence

Facilitates learning 

Enhances skills

Higher academic achievement

Q: What we do and why we do it?  

What we do? We inspire a life-long commitment to learning. We've never met a person who didn't possess the capacity to learn. Unfortunately, possessing the capacity doesn't mean it will be used to its full potential. That's where we come in. We create relevant, lasting educational experiences that elicit intelligence. Why do we do it? We enjoy shaping the minds of the future.


Q: Why do I have to schedule a tour to get pricing information?

Choosing a facility to enroll your child is like trying on a pair of shoes, you need the right fit. Once you find a pair that complements you and your fashion sense it's a done deal. Before you formulate any conclusions about Olive Tree Academy we want you to "try us". Take a tour of the facility, take a bite from our garden, meet our educators, speak to the owners.  How else will you know if we're the right "fit". Schedule a tour today!!!!!


Q: Where can I go to order the school uniform?

We are a mandatory uniform school. We are excited to begin our new relationship with you and French Toast Uniforms this school year. Our Little Sprouts, the 2 year-olds, are assigned a green top and khaki bottoms. The 3 year olds, our Little Saplings,  are assigned a yellow top and khaki bottoms. Finally, the Little Bloomers, our 4- year-olds, wear white tops and khaki bottoms. The tops MUST have the school's logo embroidered for safety reasons. The school code is QS5BYZU.

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